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Learner Corpus Studies in Asia and the World (LCSAW) 2014 暫定プログラム公開

昨日、5/31-6/1(土・日)に神戸大学で開催されるLearner Corpus Studies in Asia and the World (LCSAW) 2014の3/20付暫定*1の自由研究発表プログラム*2が公開されました。


  • Takumi Ishii (U of Tsukuba *)*3
    Assessing Lexical Diversity Measures in Short Second Language Production: Using Japanese EFL Essay Writing in the ICNALE


  • Daisuke Abe (Nagoya U *)
    A Comparison of Phrase Structures in Learner and Native English Writing

  • Reyhan AĞÇAM (Kahramanmaraş Sütçü Imam U)
    Author Stance in Doctoral Dissertations of Native and Non-Native Speakers of English: A Corpus-Based Study on Epistemic Nouns

  • M. Pınar Babanoğlu (Sütçü İmam U, Dept. of Foreign Languages)
    A learner corpus investigation on the use of adverb types in academic vocabulary

  • Michael Barlow (U of Auckland)
    Ordering of elements in learner corpora

  • Howard Chen (National Taiwan Normal U)
    Uncovering Collocation Errors by Using Automatic Collocation Extraction and Comparison

  • Xin (Rebecca) Chen (Nothwestern Polytechnical U *)
    Study on Collocational Framework of Chinese English Learners from the Perspective of Phraseology

  • Elif Demirel (Karadeniz Technical U)
    Lexical and Grammatical Variation in Scholarly Writing: a Multidimensional Comparison of Published Native and Non-native Research Articles

  • Yuan-peng Fan (National Taiwan Normal U *)
    A Corpus-Driven Study of the Use of Linking Adverbials Between Native Speakers and EFL Learners - What is Missing?

  • Miharu Fuyuno (Kyushu U)
    Multimodal analyses of English public speaking by Asian learners: towards effective teaching of English presentation skills

  • Zhao-Ming Gao (National Taiwan U)
    Automatically Identifying the Syntactic Criterial Features in the LTTC Learner English Corpus

  • Aeisha Joharry (U of Sydney *)
    A Corpus-based Comparative Study on Malaysian Learners' Writing

  • Koichi Kawamura & Takashi Ogata (Kobe U *)
    Asian learners' use of basic English prepositions and -ly adverbs

  • Yuichiro Kobayashi (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
    A Machine Learning Approach to the Effects of Writing Task Prompts

  • Mariko Kondo et al. (Waseda U )
    Building and analysis of Asian English Speech Corpus: Japanese speakers’ phonemic recognition of English consonants

  • Nozomi Miki (Komazawa U)
    Key colligation analysis of Asian Learner English: Discovering significant lexico-grammatical units, their development and their stylistic differences

  • Wangjie Wang (U of Tokyo *)
    Building a Paraphrase Dataset: Paraphrase Extraction with Document Structure Model

  • Wararat Whanchit (Walailak U)
    Persuasive Features in Reviews by Thai EFL Learners

尚、基調講演は、Lancaster UniversityのDr. Tony McEnery & Dr. Andrew Hardie昭和女子大学金子朝子教授による以下の5講演です。

  • Dr. Tony McEnery
    Keynote Speech 1. Applying corpus methods in the social sciences
    Keynote Speech 2. International availability of corpus resources: a comparison of the UK and Asia, with special focus on China

  • Dr. Andrew Hardie
    Keynote Speech 3. XML encoding for spoken learner (and other) corpora: a modest approach
    Keynote Speech 4. Rethinking basic statistical techniques in corpus analysis

  • Dr. Tomoko Kaneko
    Keynote Speech 5. Comparison of ICLE-J and LINDSEI-J

*1:発表者に義務付けられている論文集用のFull Paper提出後に、正式なプログラムが公開されると思われます。

*2:正確には、まだプログラムより前の段階で、accepted papersが公開されたところです。